Major Achievement of LS C&S ASIA

Establishment of LS-VINA (1996)
  • Established LS-VINA, the Power Cable Production Corporation in the city of Haiphong, Vietnam. (1996) (Establishment of form Joint Venture with HEWMAC, a local the only Cable Company)
  • Growth as a leading company in the Vietnam electricity market through the preemptive investments.
Stage of Economic Growth (2004 ~2007)
  • The Period of Entry : Securing a low and medium voltage (LV/MV), trolley cable production facilities
    and the establishment of a new sales organization in the main city.
  • The Period of Growth : Cu-Rod equipment investment (2004), Expansion LV/MV line (2005) and the
    best in the Vietnam Electricity Market with 26 percent average annual sales growth by 2010
  • Maturity : Achievement 300 billion won sales and improvement in operating profit and the stabilization of financial structure with the mix improvement of securing 30 percent market share (HV uplift in sales)
Establishment of LSCV (2006)
  • Establishment of the second production corporation in Haiphong based on the success of LS-VINA.
  • Advance into both Power and Telecommunication market called the two prominent wire industry by
    being equipped UTP production line for a communication line in LSCV.
  • Taking a leap to a composite wire telecommunication company with the additional investment
    for fiber-optic cable facilities in 2015.
Establishment of stable governance (~Now)
  • Establishment of LS C&S ASIA in May. 2015.
  • Listed on the Korea Exchange Market in Sep. 2016.