CEO’S Message

I will introduce LS C&S ASIA that is pursuing continuous progress to you.

We will become the No. 1 cable maker
in the ASEAN market beyond Vietnam.

Welcome to our website! I am Young-il Kwon, CEO of LS C&S ASIA.

Thank you.

However, we have continued to invest in business expansion to stay at the center of ASEAN market, Since the establishment of LSCV in Ho Chi Minh City in 2006, UTP, and fiber-optic cable.

LSGM, located in Myanmar, was completed in 2018 and the first sales were realized, and the success of the new production base was announced. 

LS-VINA is expected to be completed in April 2019 by investing in equipment construction to expand the material business.
From this year onward, it is hoped that the investments made so far will bear fruit and the sales and operating profit will grow significantly.

LS C&S ASIA will not be satisfied with the achievements to date and will leap to become the best comprehensive cable manufacturer in the ASEAN market through its accumulated capabilities and newly launched businesses. 

We would like to express our gratitude to all stakeholders, including shareholders and customers, who believe in and trust in LS C&S ASIA.
We promise that we will grow into the best cable manufacturer in the ever-changing ASEAN market based on our achievements that meet our expectations without forgetting the love and attention of all. 

Thank you.​