CEO’S Message

I will introduce LS C&S ASIA that is pursuing continuous progress to you.

LS C&S ASIA is Vietnam number one wire company to lead the ASEAN market and grown a general wire telecommunication company through about 20 years of history!

Blood vessels and nerves in the human body connect each organ and tissue, and they are supplying oxygen and nutrients to need that organs of the body can function well.

Likewise, cable is also carrying out the role as the vessel and nerve in life that delivers the necessary energy and information for each part of our society.

From the success of LS-VINA, the power cable corporation production that was established in Haiphong in Vietnam, we have already entered the electric power and the communication market that called the best wire industry since we established the second production corporation LSCV in Hochimin in 2007 and installed a product line for the communication line, UTP.
We also developed into a total communication No.1company
in Vietnam through the additional fiber optic cable investment for LSCV in 2015.

LS C&S ASIA that can embrace two parts of Vietnam corporations was founded in May, 2015, which was based on our achievements and capabilities. Now we have beyond the Vietnam No. 1 and we are growing as a World-Class cable maker who supplies in the Electricity Board and news agency all around the world like ASEAN as a main market, Oceania, North & South America, Europe and Middle East.

We are preparing for more wonderful future than today as we build our capacities for the future with business model innovation, eco-friendly product development with high-quality and strengthening partnerships with stakeholders as the best partner growing with customers.