CEO’S Message

I will introduce LS C&S ASIA that is pursuing continuous progress to you.

We will become the No. 1 cable maker
in the ASEAN market beyond Vietnam.

Hello, I'm Baek In-jae, CEO of LS Cable & System Asia Ltd.

 LS Cable & System Asia Ltd has been leading the cable industry as Vietnam's No. 1 cable maker through continuous growth for more than 20 years since LS-VINA was established in Haiphong in 1996.
However, in order to be at the center of the ASEAN market, we have continuously invested in expanding our business.
Since LSCV was established in Ho Chi Minh City in 2006, it has produced a wide range of products, ranging from power cables, busdocs, UTPs, and optical cables.
In 2018, LSGM located in Myanmar was completed to realize initial sales, signaling a successful start as a new production base.

Last year, LS Cable & System Asia Ltd had a hard year due to the spread of COVID-19 due to the blockade of movement between countries and the global economic downturn.
Despite the vaccination implementation this year, lockdown measures are expected to be maintained, and uncertainties are expected to expand more than ever in the business environment, including the launch of the Biden administration and Myanmar military coup.
Although global economic conditions are expected to face difficulties this year, all executives and employees of LS Cable & System Asia Ltd will continue to move forward using the crisis as an opportunity.
We would like to thank all stakeholders, including shareholders and customers, who trust and join LS Cable & System Asia Ltd.

Based on the achievements that meet expectations without forgetting everyone's love and interest, we promise to grow into the best cable maker in the turbulent ASEAN market.
Thank you.